Yahoo’s New Acquisition of Social Browser Rockmelt

If you have been a fan of the social media browsing dashboard start-up Rockmelt, then it is time to say goodbye as they will be promptly shutting down their website that was launched in 2010 and redesigned in 2013, as well as getting rid of their mobile app. This is because Rockmelt was bought out by technology giant Yahoo! for a cool $60 to $70 million.

Yahoo! has been on a buying spree of mobile apps and start-ups ever since their new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has taken the helm. This is because she is focused to turn around the ailing technology company in order to stay ahead of the competition such as Facebook, Google, and even Microsoft when all of them have had a leg up on Yahoo! for the past decade.

Rockmelt marks the 21st buy out for Yahoo! in 2013 alone, which is a very surprising feat in itself. Unfortunately, that means the services that Rockmelt was offering customers will be no more and instead absorbed by Yahoo! in order to better their mobile platform. Before, the app for Android and iOS was clunky, unresponsive, and wasn’t truly aligned with this new laser focus that Yahoo! has garnered along with their new CEO. Now, along with other technology bought from similar mobile startups, the mobile landscape for the company seems to be strengthening.

Rockmelt was founded by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes, both of whom will be continuing to work with Yahoo! with Vishria as VP of mobile products and Howes will be the project leader for Yahoo’s mobile engineering teams. A spokesperson for Yahoo! told Guardian that Rockmelt’s acquisition will help the company deliver content in new ways.

While it is sad to see that the nicely redesigned website and app for Rockmelt is shuttering it doors, it is good to see that the co-founders will continue working for Yahoo! and continue to use the Rockmelt technology to make the mobile experience even better.

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