Why You Should Track Your Adjusted Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

When developing a website for your business, it is imperative to focus on your bounce rate. Often confused with ‘exit rate’, bounce rate is the term used to calculate the number of web users visiting your web page and leaving without exploring what else your site has to offer. The higher your bounce rate, the less powerful your entrance page; so by monitoring these statistics through Google Analytics, you can focus on luring in the visitors.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?
Typically, an average bounce rate will be 50 percent or lower. So if you notice that your bounce rate exceeds 60 percent when using Google Analytics, it is vital to make some changes so that conversion rates improve. The longer a web visitor stays on your website and scours through other pages, the better your return on investment (ROI) will be.

How Can Google Analytics Help?
Google Analytics has introduced a feature that makes it easy to determine how relevant your website content is. Someone may view a single page of your website and progress to the search engines to learn more about your product/service, so these bounce rate records will be irrelevant. Google Analytics enables you to sidestep this problem so that you can extract certain visitors from being included as bounce visitors.

Introducing Adjusted Bounce Rate
By adjusting your Google Analytics code, you can decide what length of time you consider to be sufficient for a web visitor to gain an interest in what you have to offer. Whatever time range you select, anyone who remains on the web page for less than this time will be considered a bounce visitor. This small change means you could:

• Influence your ROI and conversions greatly
• Track the behavior of web visitors accurately
• Develop future plans more concisely

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