Should You Vlog or Should You Blog

Vlog is the abbreviation for video blogging that makes use of video as the primary content linked with video blog post. Vlogs go together with supporting images, text, along with added meta data for providing the context for videos. Vlogs are considered to be a great marketing tool that can be used for attracting traffic to the website.

Like blogs, vlogs are also updated on a continuous basis that can include personal reflections and comments of the visitors. Vlogs can prove to be extremely effective and beneficial for the businesses as there are targeted audiences who prefer watching short video before they make any decision whether they want to visit the company’s site or not.

Unlike blogs, vlogs can be used for conveying additional information in an interactive manner that can be entertaining rather then just reading the textual matter presented in blogs. There are researches conducted that have revealed that the targeted audiences tend to grasp and preserve the information offered in a better manner when both video and audio components are engaged that is made available with the vlogs.

Video blogging can offer feelings, emotions and most importantly the visual aspect that cannot be provided by the blogs that are merely textual presentation of content. People like entertainment thus video blogging is considered to be an effective and efficient way that can make available for them adequate information and entertainment at the same time.

Blogs are written for providing information regarding a specific topic, video blogs work in similar manner when they are used for marketing the businesses. Videos can be produced in infomercials, interview styles, how to videos and TV show formats. With more creativity, vlogs can be used for conveying useful information. The more creativity used, more are the chances for the blogs to be passed to other people.

Vlogs offer numerous advantages with one of the major one being enhancing the blog post. The followers and other bloggers can easily associate the content because videos add enhanced value for reinforcing the writing.

Video blogging can also offer better search engine optimization. With the video embedded in the blog posts, the business can have an additional competitive benefit in search engine marketing.

With the effective search engine optimization, people can find the videos with ease even before they can find the blog. People search for the particular keywords and that can only obtained with the well optimized video titles. With this strategy, the businesses can help in dominating the beginning pages of search engines. Service professionals and network marketers can be highly benefited with video blogging as it is considered to be an excellent way for gaining an edge over the other competitors.

Vlogs are more effective than simple blogs as the people tend to skip the textual mater in the blogs and they might end up missing the company’s essential selling points. With the short videos that take two to three minutes, the services and products that are offered by company can be highlighted along with their benefits that can let the visitor take a decision of visiting the website.

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