Some Website Trends that Convert Better

Defined as the ratio of visitors who convert website visits or content views into desired actions, conversion rate represents a basic element that search engines analyze when evaluating a website. Since the conversion rate of your website plays an important role in your business, finding the latest web design trends that can help you to improve your website’s conversion rate.

Top Website Trends That Increase Conversion Rate

The only thing you have to do to discover how you can maximize your conversion chances is to read the following points, which describe the most recent web design trends.

  • Responsive Web Design: If you wish to capture the attention of different users who use desktops, laptops, tablets or Smartphones to connect to the Internet, you should choose responsive site design. Responsive web design improves navigation by dividing website content into different areas on the same page instead of splitting it over multiple pages.
  • Design Typography: Choosing a trendy typography design is another thing you should do if you intend to increase your conversion rate. Today, the tendency is no longer to replace typography with beautiful images, but to use creative fonts and text to complement and even enhance the overall appearance of your website.
  • Vertical Scrolling: Since vertical scrolling proposes users a more convenient and efficient navigation compared to horizontal scrolling, it’s expected not only to become a new web design trend, but also to impose a fresh direction for scrolling buttons and menus.
  • Huge Buttons, Oversized Drop-Down Menus and Giant Text: Since large screens with increased resolution have already become an established feature of most computing devices, the latest web design trends suggest that webmasters should start using large buttons, oversized menus, and text with increased padding between images and more line spacing if they want to facilitate website navigation on all computing devices.
  • Parallax Scrolling: With the help of parallax scrolling, you can overlay multiple backgrounds to create the impression of depth and animation. However, it’s important to know that excessive use of parallax scrolling can negatively impact your website upload time.

Besides these points, web designers recommend three more trends, such as enormous photo background, fixed navigation and a new web design branding strategy, which will increase your website’s conversion rate by enhancing specific elements that compliment your brand and logo.

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