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When’s the last time you looked at your website and was really in awe of its design and marketability? When’s the last time you updated your website so that its content is relevant for both your target market and search engines” When’s the last time you performed routine website maintenance to make sure that everything is working fine and fast?

In the technology-driven world we live in today, people go online to search for business services and products. Because your website is the image your brand is projecting in a very visible space, if it doesn’t represent your business and can’t provide a WOW factor for current and potential customers, you are probably losing a lot potential business to your competitors. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but its true; as your online face so to speak, your website needs to show who you are, what you’re all about and be updated regularly so that people looking for you know that you’re a leader in your niche.

Your website represents your business, and is capable of generating new clients and sales. If your website hasn’t been updated in months or even years, it’s like having a dead asset in your portfolio. Your website needs to reflect the current trends and activities of your business and the web environment. We realize most small businesses can’t afford an IT department, leaving you to take care of the task of managing your website.

But let’s face it: most business owners don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the demands of an effective website. Even if you did, is this really the best use of your time? GMR has a large, dedicated staff of programmers and designers that have the technical expertise to handle all of your maintenance needs. We make the process simple through a monthly maintenance subscription plan that you control based on your needs. Our turnaround time is guaranteed within three working days, and any critical tasks can be expedited affordably in a 24-hour turnaround time.

Your changes are always tested to ensure accuracy, so you can focus on your business knowing your website is working for you. In today’s technology-driven world, your company’s website has to serve as more than just a fancy calling card on the Internet. In fact, if your website isn’t the single most important marketing tool you have, you’re probably losing a lot of potential customers.

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About Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the President and Founder of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, which runs a number of Internet strategy and e-commerce companies under its umbrella. Ajay's functional expertise includes website strategy, marketing management, business development, consumer research, market analysis and strategic planning. GMR Website Maintenance focuses on all aspects of Website Maintenance and ensures high quality and efficient website maintenance services, tailored to fit each of our client's needs. Google+

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