Online Business: The Four Pillars

You have launched your online business and the internet is full of advice. However, there are four fundamental pillars of online business that can never be stressed enough.

Success of any business, especially internet based business, solely depends on certain basic principles. They can be listed as under:

1. Plan your marketing strategy before launching a product. Failing to plan is like planning to fail. Do some market research to find out suitable product/service that people are looking for. Some product demand may be local, some may be global. Does your product have a global market? Is your business poised to cater to the demand? For example customized tee shirts are in demand globally. However locally, people would like tee-shirts customized for their own teams. Plan your strategy. Do you have the resources to target all markets or will you start locally expanding to global markets later? Are the shipping costs feasible? Identify such groups of prospective customers by visiting different online forums. Get familiarized with the common keywords that people use. You may also visit your competitors’ website to find out the features of their products. Now you know the product or service in demand and you are ready to introduce a product better than your competitors’ products.

2. Get creative Your website is virtually your office or showroom. It should display ample sale-appeal to inspire your prospects to visit your site. It should describe the features of your product/service and how it can help them. Do the usual-emphasize on your credibility; add testimonials from your existing customers. You may add after-sales-service or some sort of guarantee to win your customers’ confidence. Your website should convey that your product or service is the best choice for your customers. But most important, it should involve visitors in a feedback-idea circle. Get your visitors involved like launching a 100th visitor coupon, a shipping discount to a certain area and so on. Your creative efforts will get written about and will result in publicity for you.

3. Be professional. Have a professionally designed website. It adds to credibility and this is the most important factor for building successful online businesses. Your website should be simple and customer-friendly. Internet users are impatient by nature and you have very little time to grab their attention. Get a professional and experienced web design company who can design and build your website based on latest SEO principles. Contents and keywords selection are main features that will attract your customers to visit your site.
4. Relevant Information. Don’t cheat on information. This is the one and only reason a person visits your website. Enrich his experience. Give him more than he imagined. Don’t promise something that you do not provide. Provide useful information on your website. Internet is a powerful media for getting information. Your website should furnish valuable information for your customers and other sites – by way of link back to your site. This will increase traffic to your website. It will improve your online business. If you get associated to different forums and social networking sites, you can share your views as an expert in your trade.       
There is a lot more to internet business. This post on internet strategy for online businesses is worth a read.

About Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the President and Founder of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, which runs a number of Internet strategy and e-commerce companies under its umbrella. Ajay's functional expertise includes website strategy, marketing management, business development, consumer research, market analysis and strategic planning. GMR Website Maintenance focuses on all aspects of Website Maintenance and ensures high quality and efficient website maintenance services, tailored to fit each of our client's needs. Google+

2 thoughts on “Online Business: The Four Pillars

  1. Planning the marketing strategy after getting the idea about your competitors’ work along-with your own will be more effective for spreading your business. So,now what are you waiting for!

  2. Creativity is main thing of four pillars and the other one information is very important.
    Email marketing seems easier for some folks.But it is rewarding only when carried out in the
    most proffessional.So I would advise you to find a good email marketing program that can help
    you in your email marketing campaign right from a scratch(with a clean slate).

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