4 Common Mistakes Restaurants Make With Their Website

Just because a restaurant serves good food, it does not necessarily guarantee that their website will provide the same great level of service.  There are four common mistakes that the food service industry tends to make when it comes to their websites.  Improving these problem areas can keep customers happier, and bring new ones in the door.

Download menu doesn’t work, or the menu rates don’t appear

Most people want to know what they are going to be eating before they ever step foot in your restaurant.  Many times your website is their go to place to pick out what they want to eat and even see how much they are going to be likely to spend on the meal.  It’s crucial that you get this information out there in an easily accessible menu so that your customers can plan their visit accordingly.

While it’s understandable that prices may vary from location to location, and may need to be updated from time to time, having no indicator at all of the prices is a bad move, especially if you are a new restaurant.  Customers want to know how much they are going to have to spend on a meal, and they will likely want to budget for drinks if you have a bar.  Listing food prices can tempt them to spend more money, especially if you advertise your specials, so get those prices on the website whenever possible.

Missing address and map

This is a small detail that can have big implications; if customers can’t find you, they can’t spend their money with you!  Make sure that your location and contact information is prominently displayed on your website so that customers can find you easily.  A recent image of your business can also help them locate the physical building when they are close by.

Lack of quality images

If your food looks bad, no one will want to eat it.  Make sure to use high quality images of your menu items to attract the eye and get customers’ mouths watering!

A website that is not viewable on mobile devices

Today’s customers are more likely than ever to access your website from a mobile device.  Help busy customers choose your restaurant wherever they are by making your site easily accessible on mobile devices.

Fix these problems as soon as possible, and watch your business grow better!


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