Making CSS Layouts Work Intuitively With Box Sizing

One of the challenges you are likely to encounter when styling your website elements with CSS is that properties like border, padding, and width may be confusing. For instance, you may have noticed that sometimes you may define a size but it will not be correctly applied to the element. To ensure your elements get […]

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Recent Changes in Responsive Web Design: An Update

The mobile internet revolution has forced many website owners to rethink their sites with “responsive web design,” which provides a cross-platform solution that makes a website appear the same across all web browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. Without responsive web design (RWD), mobile users can be betrayed by web pages containing big files that […]

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8 Key Paid Search Developments This Year

It started with Google placing ads in the Knowledge Graph and continued with Bing combining tablet and desktop traffic. Yes, it’s been tremendous year in the world of paid search—and it’s only about halfway over. Nobody knows what the next several months will offer, but everyone can agree on the eight biggest developments of the […]

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Panda Update Forcing Closure of Yahoo Voices and Yahoo Contributor

Since Marissa Mayer took over the helm at Yahoo, the company has been taking steps to consolidate its products and narrow its focus on a few offerings. In a recent announcement, Yahoo stated that it’s closing two of its content-focused properties; Yahoo Voices and Yahoo Contributor. The announcement of the closure of these two platforms […]

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Google Shopping to Have Updated Feed Specs With a Mobile Link Attribute

Online store owners running Google Product Listing Ads need to make a few changes on their listings. Early this month, Google updated the feed requirements for Google Shopping, adding some new attributes and changes to existing content requirements. In a bid to improve the shopping experience of mobile users, Google has introduced a new “mobile […]

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Are You Taking the Advantages of Google+ Business Page and Google Maps Listing Together?

Now that a Google+ business page can be linked to a business listing on Google Maps, it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity. If your competitors have failed to capitalize on merging these pages together then you will have an even greater competitive edge. The combination of these platforms will help increase visibility of […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Error Messages

Every now and then, everyone runs into website error messages, which can mean a variety of things, but all point to some type of problem preventing the page from being displayed. This problem may involve the site itself, the browser or web hosting server. The following HTTP errors reflect website error messages and what can […]

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Website Maintenance: Having a Plan Is Necessary

Running a website designed to generate leads requires periodic maintenance. Many web companies try to cut corners by assigning updates to low paid and inexperienced employees. So you have to make sure that you trust the right company to manage your site. The following tips will help you create a useful plan for website maintenance. […]

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Beating the Heartbleed Bug: LastPass Is the Savior

Heartbleed, the website security bug that’s quickly become the scourge of the internet, has web producers praying for a solution. It’s beaten security measures at Facebook, Gmail and many other popular sites, causing people around the world to throw their hands toward the skies and ask for relief. Well, thanks to LastPass, they may have […]

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Library Website Redesign: Some Innovative Tips

There are many things a great library website should accomplish. Apart from providing a great user experience, the website should enable effective publishing and access to content, community engagement and promotion of the library’s online and offline services. The design of the website should not be solely steered towards aesthetics. Rather, the focus should be […]

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