5 Lessons for e-Business from the Failed Dotcoms

The early 90s were all about dotcoms. Many launched, most crashed, a palm pilot full remain. Even today, nearly a quarter-century after the term e-commerce began to make its way into the public’s vernacular—when more consumers than ever are shopping online—the Internet is littered with dead URLs, casualties of failed business plans, bad ideas and […]

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Google Mobile Search Results Interface Soon to Include Snippet Descriptions

“Learn more about.” These three words are what make search engines so valuable to business, organizations and Internet users alike. And now Google is going to use them to upgrade its mobile search results. In Google parlance, the words “Learn more about” are represented with three dots–…–that could be mistaken for an ellipsis if web […]

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6 Secrets To Making Your LinkedIn Article Viral

LinkedIn’s publishing platform has fast become the platform of choice for thought leaders looking to share insight and information to their target audience. With this publishing platform available to the public for vast topics, it can be tough for anyone to get noticed. However, with some tips up your sleeve, you can improve credibility, get […]

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How Twitter Made a Fortune by Acquiring Madbits

Twitter has been struggling to find an ideal business model that will justify its huge market valuation. Currently, sponsored and promoted tweets are the major advertiser offerings available. However, something may be brewing inside the company’s walls. Just last week, a word came out that Twitter had acquired Madbits. The news came from Madbits via […]

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The Multifarious Benefits of Google News Publisher Center

Publishers with news sites now have an opportunity to manage their sites included in Google News. This development comes on the heel of Google’s announcement on the launch of a new portal: Google News Publisher Center. Sites that are already included in Google News and verified in Google Webmaster Tools are ready to be managed […]

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In the Offing: Google’s New Knowledge Graph with a Timeline View

The demise of Google Labs three years ago resulted in the cutting down of a number of tools and services, including Google News Line. However, Google seems to be looking to revive Timeline View as was discovered and first reported by Florian Kiersch in a video posted on her Google + profile. Google seems to […]

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Making CSS Layouts Work Intuitively With Box Sizing

One of the challenges you are likely to encounter when styling your website elements with CSS is that properties like border, padding, and width may be confusing. For instance, you may have noticed that sometimes you may define a size but it will not be correctly applied to the element. To ensure your elements get […]

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Recent Changes in Responsive Web Design: An Update

The mobile internet revolution has forced many website owners to rethink their sites with “responsive web design,” which provides a cross-platform solution that makes a website appear the same across all web browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. Without responsive web design (RWD), mobile users can be betrayed by web pages containing big files that […]

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8 Key Paid Search Developments This Year

It started with Google placing ads in the Knowledge Graph and continued with Bing combining tablet and desktop traffic. Yes, it’s been tremendous year in the world of paid search—and it’s only about halfway over. Nobody knows what the next several months will offer, but everyone can agree on the eight biggest developments of the […]

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Panda Update Forcing Closure of Yahoo Voices and Yahoo Contributor

Since Marissa Mayer took over the helm at Yahoo, the company has been taking steps to consolidate its products and narrow its focus on a few offerings. In a recent announcement, Yahoo stated that it’s closing two of its content-focused properties; Yahoo Voices and Yahoo Contributor. The announcement of the closure of these two platforms […]

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