Happy Halloween: 7 Themes to Make Your WordPress Site Scary

Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to get your friendly ghost or goblin costume ready and some magic spell to protect yourself from evil spirits! While the neighborhood streets are undoubtedly the epicenter of Halloween fun, you can take the spookiness to another level and celebrate the holiday with visitors on your website. […]

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The Science of Colors for a Website Design

If you’ve accidentally clicked on an ugly website, you likely received a quick lesson in the important role colors play in design. More precisely, you probably experienced first-hand, from a user’s perspective, why web developers need to know a thing or two about color theory. Color theory dictates how colors can and should be used […]

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10 Expensive Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website

Every small business needs a website; otherwise, it’s missing opportunities to make online cash. But having a website isn’t enough. It needs a developed content marketing strategy that pulls in leads that are converted to sales and repeat business. Many website owners simply don’t put in the time necessary to make such a strategy work. […]

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Traits Aspiring PPC Experts Need to Embody in Themselves

Whether you are a novice or experienced PPC professional, there is always room to improve your skills and results. With PPC, nothing is given. You need to test different strategies to get the highest CTR that will result in the best conversion rate for your ads. This has to be done without necessarily increasing your […]

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Mobile Readiness of Your Business: It Is High Time

Is your business connected with the mobile internet world? It definitely needs to be, especially if it’s a local brick and mortar business. At one time all you needed was a website to participate in modern business, but now you need to have a mobile friendly website. While some internet trends come and go, the smartphone revolution […]

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3 E-Commerce Analytics Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Are your search-marketing campaigns effective? For a lot of people with e-commerce sites, the answer is maybe. Maybe people don’t know with precision what their return on investment is, because they don’t really understand how search-marketing works. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the tools to measure the effectiveness of their ads. Or maybe it’s […]

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1 Solution for 5 Challenges: Quality Mobile App Testing

Responsive Web design technology has made it easier for developers to create websites that can be accessed across different devices, and still provide a good user experience. Today, businesses do not need two separate websites; one optimized for viewing on PC and another on mobile devices. However, despite the obvious benefits and capabilities of responsive […]

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5 WordPress Plugins That Improve Content Marketing

Creating great content that resonates well with your audience takes time. Great content helps to build trust among your prospects and drive targeted traffic to your blog. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that can improve your content marketing: 1.WordPress SEO WordPress SEO helps to optimize posts for the best SEO performance. The plugin comes with […]

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How Content Marketing Approach Mirrors Life Lessons

In life, you learn to crawl before you walk and to walk before you run. And you can’t do any of them if you don’t go through the proper steps: rolling over onto your stomach, lifting your head, moving your arms and legs in concert, balancing, stepping and then doing it over and over again. […]

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How Google Penalizes Low Quality Guest Blogs

Matt Cutts might hate guest blogging more than any other person in the world. This wouldn’t be important if it weren’t for the fact that Cutts is a part of Google’s Web spam Team, which means he has the power to decide what web content is considered high-quality and what content is considered low-quality, both of […]

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