Twitter's Official WordPress Plugin

What Features Twitter’s Official WordPress Plugin Offers?

Twitter has introduced its first official WordPress plugin. This development brings a wide range of Twitter functions to your account.

These features include generating Twitter Cards, enabling Analytics, and adding a Tweet button. Once your Tweets have a consistent theme, you may want to explore Twitter advertising. The plugin is available here for free.

These additional features make it easy to share embedded Tweets (more…)

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Website Governance How to Manage a Website

Website Governance: How to Manage a Website

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your website could manage itself? Just imagine if copy updates and technical upgrades and design could all be completed automatically without involving your staff. That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it would also be science fiction.

In other words, websites needs a proper website governance structure to be effective and efficient. Without a website governance structure, it is entirely possible that nothing will ever get updated on your website ― or it is possible that everything will always get updated on your website. (more…)

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5 Cross-Browser Compatibility Tools for a Perfect Website

5 Cross-Browser Compatibility Tools for a Perfect Website

One of the characteristics of a great website is that it should display correctly when viewed in multiple browsers, and across different devices. In the design world, this is known as cross-browser compatibility. Developers and designers can use different tools to test, and ensure their websites are compatible with different browsers.

Below are 5 free and premium cross- browser compatibility testing tools you can use (more…)

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7 UX Mistakes That Drive People Away from Your Website

Is your website driving visitors away as soon as they stop by? No matter how sleek your website looks, if visitors do not stick around and check your content, you will not generate leads or sales.

Most visitors will leave your website and go to your competitors’ because of poor UX experience.

Here are 7 common UX mistakes you should avoid for visitors to stay on your website. (more…)

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6 Security Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Website Hack-Proof

Website security is an issue that never seems to be completely resolved, especially in recent years, as cyber-attacks have become craftier. Even big companies must guard against harmful hackers who continue to threaten online communities.

Here are 6 important ecommerce website maintenance tips to help protect your website from hackers. (more…)

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How to Create a Successful Website Maintenance Strategy

After you launch a website it’s important to keep updating and refining it so that your users will have a comfortable and worthwhile experience. If you let it sit too long without adding fresh content, traffic can slow down and disappear.

Here are some website maintenance tips to make sure that it functions properly and delivers content that meets the demands of your market. (more…)

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7 Tips to Craft Product Descriptions That Engage Customers

Product Descriptions that Engages Customers

Product descriptions on your landing pages must be written a certain way in other to sell products. If you are targeting the mobile market then you should also be up to date on Google’s mobile usability guidelines.

The combination of getting high mobile search rankings and, using product descriptions that sell, will put your business ahead of competitors.

Here are 7 tips to consider for writing engaging and the best product descriptions


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Google Alert: Webmasters Need to Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Google Alert: Webmasters Need to Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Google is now releasing huge number of notifications via email to those webmasters who haven’t optimized their websites for mobile users. The subject is “fix mobile usability errors found on …” and the email identifies specific pages with errors that affect mobile search results. The warning further mentions that “pages will not be seen as mobile friendly by Google-search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users”. (more…)

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